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Miami-based photographer Nick Garcia was appointed to shoot the luxury-lifestyle images for the newly renovated Colonnade Hotel in Miami’s Historic Coral Gables neighborhood. As one of the newest additions to Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide’s Tribute Portfolio, the property needed to develop a gallery of images that were fashionable, evocative and reflected the exquisite and utmost sense of elegance and harmony achieved with the $18M renovation.

Garcia was chosen for his proven ability to bring out the environment’s elegance and the glamour of it’s guests. He led his team knowing the importance of having a fashion styling crew in strategic coordination with the beauty crew to create luxury-lifestyle images. Clothes and accessories were curated to tell a story on each of the environments that had to be photographed. The main talent was also chosen carefully from Miami’s top agencies and the production team organized to make sure that the 20 people crew were very synchronized to achieve the 8 main shots taken the day of shoot.

To accomplish the important task within one day Nick relied on his Nikon D5 with Nikon lenses raging from 14mm to 200mm. He also used a WT-5 wireless adapter for instant image proofing, making the client feel at ease during the shoot. Finally Nick relied on 4 Profoto B-1 with various light modifiers to achieve the efficiency and moodiness needed for the luxurious looks. He stands proud today and joins The Colonnade team in celebration as the property has recently become the recipient of the Miami Luxury Travel Guide 2017 Award.