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Nick Garcia Photography

Nick Garcia Photography

After many many years of hearing I should start this here we go finally giving it a try…. so WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Not sure what will come out of this. I feel way more comfortable behind my camera than in front of a key board and you’ll probably won’t see much text here… but I will share with you some of the cool things I have the blessing of experiencing through my work and some personal insights about photography technology. I think it will also be cool to share with you information about the photography equipment I use for my work and the reasons I use it… I hope it will help starting photographers with the creation of their art and will give some background as to the experiences using it.

So here we go. To start let me tell you about myself. I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia! My father led me and pretty much my entire family into a life of loving photography! So my older brother, my brother in law, my cousin, my sisters and well everyone else in between have that artistic spark and have been able to actually make a life with it. I decided to leave my country and family to start my own thing… so went to study to NY and then moved to Miami from where I have been working in photography for the past 20 years.

The first years was about assisting really great photographers here in Miami. With them I learned and traveled, and will be eternally grateful. Then slowly started with small assignments and working a lot for credit! Of course in the beginning had to also take care of living expenses by working on other things, but always tried to give priority to my photographic work instead of just focusing on making my living with my other sources of work. Always following the advise… follow your dreams and do what you like, things will work out! 

Little by little and with lots of networking and door knocking the good clients started to come in. I have been really blessed for having such a rewarding career. Getting praised and admired for the work you have loved to do your entire life is an enormous life gift. Now I fell I can solidly talk about it and it’s time for me to share it with you!

I hope you’ll all enjoy all the stuff and info I’ll be sharing and to allow me to be in your photography world!