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Nick Garcia Shoots Citi’s Campaign in Brazil

Trusted for his sensitivity for portraiture work, photographer Nick Garcia traveled to three remote areas in Brazil to capture Citi’s involvement with sustainable development projects. During the 3-week assignment Nick worked with Ogilvy Brazil’s creative and production teams, photographing the hopeful images of Citi’s progress-making clients and local residents. “Nick’s versatility made him a great choice for telling our stories in Brazil, which required an eclectic mix of portraits, landscapes, and a bit of photojournalism as well,” said Citi’s production consultant, Roy Schecter. “His photographic skill matched his ability to work in close harmony with our ad agency’s art director and to blend in effortlessly with everyone on the team.  These are extra-valuable qualities when you’re working under sometimes stressful conditions in an unfamiliar part of the world. And Nick’s feeling for people and places is evident in the final product.”

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Nick Garcia Shoots Citi Success Stories - By Barbara Goldman for PDN's PhotoServe

Miami-based photographer Nick Garcia is a master of capturing the intuitive, the sensitive and the provocative. Recently, he got to show off those photography skills for two stories he shot over a seven-day period for Citi’s new campaign #ProgressMakers that appeared on the Huffington Post.  The concept behind the Citi #ProgressMakers campaign was to show national prominent figures with diverse backgrounds and occupations in New York City and San Francisco and how their first jobs helped to develop them into the success stories they are today. The #ProgressMakers concept was easy for Garcia to relate to and to create visually, as he remembered his own early  where he started as an apprentice in his father’s photo lab in Barranquilla, Columbia, where he had to cut thousands of photos, learn reproduction  and attention to detail. 

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